Sneak peaks of my grad film and production.

Screen grabs from the film to come




I’ve been doing things Pt.II

Last week was exciting for me and my film I’m working on at the moment. I was doing sound recording in collaboration with Adam Bohman. He’s a folly artist/musician. And not only that. If you’ve heard of film Barberian Sound Studio (if not – film is definitely a must see), main character is based on Adam. It was such an honour to work with him. He’s got an incredible sense of feeling moods in the piece he’s working on.

I’ll drop a quick image, just for you to see how it looked like. And yes, this week I’m working on sound edit as I am creating and cutting sound first and adjusting visuals afterwords.



I’ve been doing things.

Past week been trying to put my head around how to create a spacious shots using small set-ups (stage wise) and being as creative and experimental as possible. I must say that I’m quite inspired by great filmmaker D. Lynch so the film, as a final product, I wont be surprised, will look quite Lynch-ian. 


I’ve been reshooting reflections in mirrors. Using just a small rectangular shape and changing lights & camera angles you can change the whole feel and atmosphere of intended symbolism. Fun thing to do.

Quite happy with result, but you’ll never know how it’ll work on timeline.